Time Steals.

I turn my face from beauty past

where steal the scars of future pain.

What was, now is, too sharp, too fast

for time deep-cuts like acid rain.


Breath-less, now to mist the moon

no steps to dance the stars.

Beneath the skies the earth to swoon

when joyful chorus, dawn debars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another field destroyed, stolen away from all the wildlife that need it to survive.

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Loss of Habitat

is going to be a big part of tracking vanishing species. Greed and hate are for me the worst human motives. Sorry for the field's demise.  - allets 




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Thank you, It was another

Thank you, It was another huge loss to me, this one has been stunningly beautiful every year, planted up with golden rapeseed, when the sun caught it, it shone and sparkled, although near the horizon it felt so close you could almost touch it. within less than a year it is no more than rooftops and mud.