Lost Land.

A picture shrunk

       within the frame

the heart no longer

       bear's its name,

no steps upon the soul

       can lie

or joy from lips

       in praise to fly.

Stolen now

       the kiss of hope

where love falls lost

       to hangman's rope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think picturesque, not picture or photo.

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Strong Image

Bitter fruit haunts me - overwhelmingly - Stella



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Bitter fruits indeed, this

Bitter fruits indeed, this was a 'rough' field, left to go it's own way for years, full of skylarks, partridge, and all sorts of other ground nesting birds and creatures who need rough cover, much used by dog walkers, and blackberry pickers, it's due to be built on in a year or so, but the developers have been in and ripped the the heart out of it, and torn it up already! So pointless and unnecessary. Sue.