I Asked Why.

As I look at my world from the window

I wonder, where am I going and why?

Skies grey and bleak send chill winds that blow

and call through the trees, I don't know.


The axis on which my world turned

is denuded, uprooted, and burned.

My future deluded, decaying, and spurned.


Uncertain as thistledown carried away

divided and lost to the cruel kiss of day.

So I look to the winds and ask again, why?

And they whisper once more...I don't know.



This is about the loss of even more of the countryside I love.




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Hallowed Write

A poem to the sacred beloved and vanishing wooded habitats. - allets



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Thank you, soon there will

Thank you, soon there will not be any countryside left around here, and I cannot bear that thought. Sue.