My Plea ( to developers )

I do not ask for greater things

or more than is my share,

gold and silver need I not

for wealth I do not care.


Just one thing I beg of you,

please leave some fields for me

they need not be the very best,

but I need them so, you see.

For in the fields my heart shall sing,

my soul in joy, dance free.


Don't set my eyes to concrete bare,

where life itself will pall and pale

all spirit wither to despair,

and like a petal, fold and fail.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Three years ago all around me there were fields and rolling countryside, ( the one reason I came )  now so short a time later, its industrial units, houses in thousands, and huge warehouses, and now I see digger's on the last remaining, accessable fields. I can't bear it, but I can't move either.

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I Dream

Humans will rise up and return to vistas and vast spaces without developers following us. ~A~




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I really do hope so, I can't

I really do hope so, I can't bare too much more destruction.