Road Builders ( and snails )

Sneakily, in silence and secrecy

they come;

cloaked in the silvered night

devouring delights, snail like

crawling across the favoured bed.

Voracious of tooth,  to tear apart

leave all that was beauty wretched

and ripped,

destroyers in their yellow shells,

ever there, always taking,

a shining trail left in their wake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many of each, but snails are preferable!

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Roads create access and destroy what you want access to see. - Stella



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Their latest project was a

Their latest project was a field of yearly rape, it was on a hill overlooking where I live, every summer it glowed with such beauty it uplifted the greyest most sullen days and I loved seeing it. Within a year it's nothing more than rows and rows of brick walls and rooftops climbing that hill now, and it makes those grey and sullen days even more depressing, it breaks my heart. And the builders haven't finished yet :-( Sue.