Winter Walking.

Swirls of misting breath arise

encircle now the silvered trees.

Somewhere in the silence, hidden

comes the crunch of frost's sharp teeth.

Gathered here along the bough

await the fluffed-up few,

untill, upon their rime dipped wings

they'll heed a songster's cry

to rise up through the whispered shade:

become a speck in heaven's eye.

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Frosty! A nice winterscape. Especially, "frost's sharp teeth" "their rime dipped wings" and "rise up through the whispered shade:"  Here are images to plumb for meaning and live inside for a while. An elevating stroll though soul originated definitions. Basic. Undecorated emotion unleashed and set to fly. Well writ - Lady A -





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Thank you I really appreciate

Thank you I really appreciate your words as I wasn't too sure about this one. Sue.