Requim For Earth.

Our distant lands lie dying

beneath their clamoured wrath,

their mighty sword is raised aloft

to smite the heads bowed at their feet.


Dark eyes have they, now in command

when demons hide in their belief.

For now the devil in his stride

shall reign in flames across the earth.


And those who can, yet cannot see

for he has masked his face,

now walk us up destruction's path

and on to Lemmings Leap.


Time shall sing it's saddest song-

lost requim for peace

and those who follow in our stead

inherit not the earth.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why do those who can actually do something about all those fighting to overtake, and bring destruction to our planet not see what is happening before their greed- blind eyes, or do they really not see what we all know? 

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As Resources Shrink

petrie dish politics will begin to evolve slowly, then steadily, before hunger and thirst drive the poor to rebellion and mass migrations into the wealthier nations. Oh, that's already happing in europe. Hatitians in Dominican Republic are being evicted under threat of machete death. No jobs in Haiti, they risk going back to DR to work. - :S




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I can't see how it can

I can't see how it can properly resolved now, and it scares me, for life and the planet. Thank you for commenting Alison. X