The Blackbird Sang.

The first sigh of spring

no more than the breath of a bird.

A note, caught at the heart of his song

carried on the wind and welcome heard.

              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


He sang upon the new year's dawning

wrapped beneath a shrouding grey,

he tipped his head to bless the ear

and spilt the sun of spring's first day.


Glad the soul, that second found

with joy of hope to carry long,

to steal the whispered sadness there,

and cast away upon his song.

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Something Original

It is new to me that blackbirds steal saddness - well composed and created - a delicate touch in rhymed verse. Sing blackbird. Sing! - apoempersonfrommichigan:D



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It was New Years day, a damp

It was New Years day, a damp grey morning and I was walking my dog wondering what the coming year held, then the blackbird sang his beautiful song and with it came a hint, less than a bird's breath, but there, the feeling of spring and it was the sadness of the cold winter's day that he carried away in his song, and in its place left the joy of the coming spring, to look forward to. Thank you for reading and commenting, I apologise for such a long winded reply!