It could be nothing much

a word, a thought, something seen,

but the hook sinks deep.

Once again you are caught,

a thrashing fish on the line

desperate to find release.

Ideas tumble and turn

fighting for escape,

finally the way is found

they shall travel far.

But you, you are still tightly

tethered to the line.

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A Fine Piece of Wisdom Here

I was feeling this way yesterday, briefly. I love my life, get out enough, but anchored has its  ups and downs. :S



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Something Don said came into

Something Don said came into my mind, no idea why, but it was to do with the hook in songs that keep people drawn back to listening to it, a chorus or repeated line that sticks in the mind. I am not anchored in my life, but I am to writing poetry, and once hooked I am caught until the poem escapes and swims free, but I can never completely get away. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Sue.