Mobile Reality.

Caught in chains from keyboard ink

where time is stolen by each link,

life is lived upon that screen

while life in truth shall pass unseen.


A child ignored by parents eye

as fingers to the letters fly,

she plays alone at daddy's knee

her childhood lived beneath a key.


With smiling lips, and arms to greet

grandma struggles to her feet,

again the dross-filled limpet phone

leaves this lady's words unknown.


Our life entombed upon that stage

reflecting there our modern age.

Outdated now our social skills

are ground to dust by online mills.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are all to blame, but some more than others. It is heartbreaking to see that child though.

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Truth indeed !!!

In developing countries, young parents let their TVs and cellphone games do the baby-sitting while they live "on the edge of dreamland" There is a saying Respected SW that GIMGO which means "Garbage in More Garbage Out" Rarely do parents of the present generation spend much time with their children. Their Jobs are more important. We Ma'am become mindless machines. God help the generation who'll end up in old-age homes and die uncared for unlike our generation in India where we still spend time & money for our elders.You touched a raw nerve Madam SW... Everything comes in circles so..... I don't blame them neither I have the audacity to blame the push-selling of expensive gadgets which  burns  huge holes in pockets. I'm also using an ill-affordable desktop though my earlier P3 PC was OK for postpoems. Then again ... movies & music on youtube,facebook,skype et al.... Merry Christmas to those who still have foolish eyes



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Thank you so much for such a

Thank you so much for such a thought through comment Bishu, I too started with a basic computer for job contacts, then moved onto to this site which led to others, so now I have a new computer, mobile phone and tablet! But they do not come before 'real people'. I really admire countries who take such care and give respect to their family members who have become older, that is how we should all treat those who have loved us, cared for us and now need us to care for them in return.  I wish you a very happy and loving Christmas.  

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a touching write !

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Thank you. Appreciate you

Thank you. Appreciate you reading it.  :-)

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Chld Rearing

should be a high school class requirement - We depend on older genrations for how to raise a child, a part of our freedom - some succeed, far too many families fail in the responsibility to a young mind's educational & emotional needs. This problem was there before the net, only now it is exacerbated by way too many distractions. - good write! Solid. - slc



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Yes I agree, too many parents

Yes I agree, too many parents leave the child to its own devices or to the teacher to 'sort them out'. The internet has a real and helpful role to play but when it takes all a person's time and attention to the detriment of everything else, then it becomes a problem and a curse.  Thank you so much for commenting, it's much appreciated. Sue x

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I like this Sue

But a different scrouge

Is the video games

That are addicting.

I tryed to discourage my kids from playing them.

A little is OK.

But some people are over the top.

My kids are OK.



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This was mainly inspired by

This was mainly inspired by seeing my neighbours and their little girl, I can honestly say I have never seen them interact with the child, even in the summer when they were all outside in the garden neither looked up from their phones and the daughter was just left to play alone with only a ball, in a bland garden of just a high fence and lawn.  My family too when they pop round are on the sofa with the phone taking all their attention, while I sit there mostly ignored. So sad. Thank you for reading and commenting on this. Sue xxx