Constant, breaks the rolling wave

to fall upon a further shore,

if I were such a favoured land

I should wish for nothing more.


Gentle, blows the breeze that drifts

against the highest mountain peak,

to be that breeze and drop a kiss

no other pleasures would I seek.


Steadfast, grows the greenwood tree

that stands alone within a glade,

if a snowdrop I could be

I'd bloom forever 'neath your shade.


Endless, dance those fires of night

to skim their way across the sky,

if I could hold that shooting star

beneath the moon with you I'd lie.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

For ' Don ' as ever.

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is a lucky recipient of such words. Particularly liked the snowdrop - pretty flower. :D



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Thank you Stella, sadly Don

Thank you Stella, sadly Don will never see these or any of my words being the super musician that he is ( maybe in another life...) doesn't stop me writing them though ;-) Yes snowdrops are lovely flowers and do like a little shade. sue xx