Love Hurts.

An arrow burns

across the night

the aim is true,

and swift the flight.

A string was plucked

across the seas,

the arrow loosed

with practised ease.

Unseen it flies

to find its mark

the cut goes deep,

straight to the heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For 'D'.

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allets's picture

Enjoyed The Arrow's Flight

I have not heard it said so eloquently in awhile - nice. xoxoxox - Stella :D



sweetwater's picture

Thank you Stella, this came

Thank you Stella, this came about because I was listening to a song on the radio and something in the song struck a chord, and inspired this poem, emotions and music are bound together arn't they. :-) Sue x

bishu's picture

So nice to know that you still enjoy songs on radio

I too listen to FM radio every night



sweetwater's picture

Oh yes Bishu, I listen every

Oh yes Bishu, I listen every day, some is not 'my thing' but I like to hear something beside myself, and dog and two cats in the house. I like to catch the news too. Thank you for commenting. Sue :-)