Unknown the reason

why sadness wraps the day.

A silent withdrawal

towards the dying of the year.

Melancholy, soft and golden

drifts the air, like leaves

lost from knowing.

Sorrow stirs my mind

as time withdraws her hand,

takes away the promise

once bequeathed,

upon the beauty of the spring.

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Wrapped in my own world

You have entered in Today.

I do believe people can be at the same place

At the same time and you have entered mine.

After I had walked away

So far away  Out there

You are

But feeling what it is

Summed up in your words.


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Thank you so much

Thank you so much KindredSpirit, I do feel 'in tune' with other places and other times, like time itself I suppose. I am pleased you understand this feeling too. x

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" leaves/lost from knowing..."

U have a way with words -Stella-



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Thank you very much, xx

Thank you very much, xx