The lark ascending

plucked a chord

and sang to a starry sky.

Glories rained in honour then,

fell welcome to his feet.

Returning home he feasted well

upon the apple pie.

Still he sang, as high he flew

along the Amazon.

From castles tall, his lovely call

still lingers in the air,

and prairies blue paint tapestries

where homeless brothers meet.

On and on this skylark soars

dropping notes at statue's base.

From shadow lands he turns his face

to see a waving man,

quietly sitting in his chair

beside botanic gardens, where

this song remains so sweetly heard.

A world of songs beat in his heart,

with many still to sing,

and I give thanks to our good Lord

He gave this songbird wings.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song for 'D's 70th birthday which is today, Happy, Happy Birthday Don, see you tonight.

If you wish to know who this man is that I have written so many poems for over the last 40+ years  ( on here as 'my special man', 'for D' or for 'Don', ) the clue is in the song titles in this poem, if you haven't already guessed.

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KindredSpirit's picture

This is so cool

I tried to put out a message when I first read this

On the morning you wrote it.

Unfortunately my battery died.

I was going to say I am very fond of the name Don.

In my family and not.

But I was almost going to say the Don you speak of

Was Henley.

A Great Don in his own Right.

But I just had a chance to come back now

And reread your poem

And "  Your Don  " is Don Mclean.


So Cool

Loved them both 

sweetwater's picture

Hi, I am so pleased you have

Hi, I am so pleased you have commented on this,thank you :-) Funny you mention Don Henley I heard him on the radio a couple of days ago, first time in ages. But yes you are right it is Don McLean, he's been inspiring my writing since I was a teenager, and he was 25 ( can't beleive I was there for his 70th birthday, amazing I was so happy )  a wonderful, wonderful man. Others are really good, Jake Bugg, Tom O'Dell, etc., But Don is on a pedestal as far as I'm concerned. Thank you once again for reading and commenting.  Sue :-)

KindredSpirit's picture


I just woke-up.

But this is so interesting Sue.

I just seen Don Henley on PBS

Doing an interview.

The Eagle was some kind of Band.

One of my favourites of all time.

Don was saying ( amoung other things)

How he tried to start a Union for the

Song Writers and him and ( I think )

Sheryl Crowe went before Congress.

What a great thing to try to do.

So happy for you that you got to know

Don McLean.

That must be a Wonderful Thing.

I was there when that Song dropped way back then

It was great then and it always will be.

Yours in writing,


sweetwater's picture

The Eagles was a great band,

The Eagles was a great band, that was a truly great time for music, we do have some very good stuff now but, not really the great talents we had then, they took years to perfect their music, so really lasted, today they come and go so fast. I know of Sheryl Crowe too.

Sadly I have never actually met my Don, beleive me I really try! But thanks to  modern technology I can keep up with what's going on in his life, he's on twitter so plenty of updates, and I'm just about to buy his wife Patrisha's photography book about Maine Children. He has so,so many terrific songs, and covers. It's been a wonderful ride with him, but so bittersweet.  thank you so much for your interest, it means a lot. X


allets's picture

"D" as Muse

Inspiring wondrous song lyrics - nice to have such a muse -Stella-



sweetwater's picture

Thank you Stella, he, and the

Thank you Stella, he, and the poetry in his voice and songs has inspired me for over 43 years, there is no other for me, I knew that the first time I saw him. :-)