Oh welcome, welcome,

all you glorious colours

that fall about my way, spark

the palette gay, to lay below

the crane fly's dance

and chance upon small globes

of grey, dusted 'neath the trees

in dew, there greet this painted

day brand new. Oh how can I or you,

deny, this joyous day does bless the eye.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to be read at a fast pace, in a breathless joyful way. 

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Intrinsic Rhymes Are Wonderful

and fun. Small dew dusted gray globes? streetlights/stars? nice image!



sweetwater's picture

The small grey globes were

The small grey globes were mushrooms hidden amongst the fallen leaves and long grass beneath the trees. I am glad you liked it and appreciate you commenting too, thank you :-)