This Day.

Oh my love, come, walk with me;

the deepening woods do call,

let the dust of sunbeams play

upon our hearts this day.

See how they beckon, invite us there

lay moss beneath our feet.

Kick off your shoes, let fall your cares,

come, dream with me this day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Don, always.

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"...the dust of sunbeams..."

How did I miss this gem. Enjoyed. - A -



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So sorry for such a late

So sorry for such a late reply have only just seen your very kind comment, thank you very much. I was worried this poem may sound a bit old fashioned and 'cheesy' perhaps it doesn't after all :-) Sue.

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Good cheese is rare and when felt and said, fills the senses. To be joyous is the poet's calling from time to .  . .  :D. ~A~