Scattered petals wrapped in ink

guided to the written word,

when naked in expression's pose

are bound by time to go unheard.

unknown, those words now cast away

from pen to page shall fall.

The eyes of those who hold the key

have yet no sight to read at all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My family have no interest in my poetry and will not read any. Yet it's their interest  ( if not pride ) in what I do that would mean the world to me.

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requires time and study. I had the same problem, so I wrote poems to each of them; they put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Yesterday, my great nephew visited and mentioned the poem I wrote for him. I was happy he reads it. - A - 



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My daughter asked for one for

My daughter asked for one for her wedding day ten years ago now, and I'm proud to say my other daughter read it out in the church and it was recieved very well, its now in a frame beside their wedding photo, but that is the beginning and end of their interest

unfortunately, and I doubt it will change, so thank goodness for sites like this one. :-)

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Writing Means Reading

and that's work - but once a poem is read, what is taken away is rememered and is precious. I gave my sister access to postpoems and allets, but she never opened it - like chess, to high falutin' and, of course, something I love very much (for her, it's not Baptist inspiring so of no value). Okay, so I don't write for my family at home, I write for myself as I always have (and my postpoem homeys!) - Write On! - slc