You Ask For My Denial....

Now ask of Heaven

give up the stars,

or stars give up

their moon.

Waves deny the

sceptre'd shore.

And poet's, all their

pens deplore.


Will flames not die

bereft of air,

an ember fail

it's one desire?

Does warmth not chide

the snowflakes fall,

the touch of winter's

tears not pall?


Life has decreed,

it stays as thus,

what has been tied

stays bound in time.

With silken chains

the heart is held.

No threshold crossed

till death does meld.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

As always, for ' D.'

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Tied & Bound

"...what has been tied/stays bound in time..." Phenomenal lines. Kudos - Lady A -



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Gosh, thank you very much I

Gosh, thank you very much I appreciate the compliment on those words :-) Sue.