You lost me

i used to think you won, you came out on top and i lost everything in the game of chance

but thats not the case, the situations is reversed. I didnt lose you but you lost me

you gave me up, you turned me in, you sold me out, but i am the one who wins

you lost my love, so i wish you luck, finding someone, who loves you as much

as i loved you. i lost you at the time it  was so painful but now i realize  it was the 

best thing to ever happen to me You broke my heart but the joke is on you because 

I was the best thing you had. I used to listen, when you said you would always be there.

I sit and think about all the times we had together, and how I thought I used to love you, 

when you used to care. I'd last through any weather. but when the our storm came you left

 at the first sight of rain, leaving me here to deal with all this pain. I sat there crying thinking 

what did I do wrong, I looked to my mother who said (baby stay strong). so I wiped my tears 

and begin a new, new me, new life, and happiness without you. someday you'll miss me, but 

it will be to late for us to be. you didn't know what you were missing but now you do,  

calling me crying saying baby I love you. I love you too that's why I'm letting you go, 

I'm a hell of a good woman it's too bad it took you this long to know. what we had is in the 

past, it's a reason we didn't last. but whenever you get discouraged about why we're through, 

just look in the mirror because it's all on you... I hope next time you learn from your mistakes, 

and when that girl needs you do what ever it takes. always remember this I love you but 

I love me more, I had to learn that when you walked out the door.....

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very good work i enjoyed this

very good work i enjoyed this alot.. kinda goin through the same thing myself