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Let me introduce myself 2 u. My name is Heather. I'm 29. I'm from Waterbury CT, My Heritage: Native American, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, French & Spanish I'm 4'11 225 lbs, graduated h/s, brown eyes & dirty blond hair but i color it all the time... very serious, confident, smart, honest, kind, loyal, sociable, sensitive, gentle, romantic, understanding & very trustworthy, independent.. I have a passion for everything. I am Outgoing, I tend to be selfish at most times.. i am Shy & private, happy go lucky i am a light sleeper I can give good advice, i can be friendly & social-able, i am also humble & i also stay to myself. but i am naturally defensive, i tend to bottle things up. Pretty as well stay to myself. I like meet the new people & I'm a drug free person, i also don't like drama, my favorite things I like swimming in the summer especially @ a beach & i also love to travel & i also like to write poems and letters if you notices that i have posted a lot of them at the same time, please know i keep them either on my computer or in my phone, i hardly come up here but when i do i just post them when i can.... i hope you do enjoy my writing and please comment on them let me know what you think.... I smoke cigarettes regularly & I love chocolates, its my weakness & I love hot coffee ( light & sweet) & I do have a BAD temper, & I'm thankful that only a handful of people have ever seen it, I'm a nice person if u treat me w/ respect. I'm really not a people person. I know who my real friends are. & I love writing good & not so good things about my life. Which I hope people don't judge me bcuz of the things I have been through, & also I'm looking for new friends so if u want to plz write me & ur more & welcome to..

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