i refuse

 i refuse to sit and cry over you, i refuse to listen to your lies, you say its the same  but boy you havent changed you still the same jackass you were back when we first started dating, and i knew it from all the stories i heard. i aint stupid im glad im not your girlfriend anymore because you aint shit. you said to me that you loved me. Ha ha bullshit, becuz i got friends in high places that see you around town and i got friends to tell me that you aint shit for me. thats why im not trying to get you back, honestly you made that choose when you walked out that door. and kept telling people that you found someone else, well. hunny im alot happier without you and i got a family that loves me and i got a man and a daughter to worry about i dont need your shit. and i refuse to wish you would have feelings for me, becuz i know you dont have feeling for anyone. all you want to do, is sleep around and do woman wrong. i refuse to write and play along, in this make believe fairy tale that you had me thinking it was real when it wasnt from the start, i refuse to sit idle by while you base my, everyday upon this lie you had been doing for over 11yrs, i refuse to listen to you I am Done with your bullshit!!!!

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