Our friendship

my best friends

2 my friend, how could I ever repay u

the countless times we’ve shared

through this life of sorrow

& paths of sad despair?


I always saw ur hand

through all my times in need

& ur voice always brought a smile

through each problem that I’ve lived.


we’ve shared every tear together

& found strength when there was none.

we’ve always been there 4 eachother,

when we needed hope.


we have been eachother comforter

every passing day since we met.

we always found eachother words of courage,

we always found eachother @ our very best.


My friend, our friendship is a treasure

my heart will always keep.

I’ve been blessed w/u, as my friend.

Thank u 4 everthing & i am sorry 4 everything

I'll always cherish Our friendship forever

U'll always b my best friend no matter what. I love u.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is for all my best friends that stood by me through the good and the bad. I love them all. they have been my rock when i've been struggling w/relationship problems & getting out of two bad relationship of abuse. and my best friends have been there for me. to lean on. Thank you guys for the love and protection and susport of getting out of those two bad abusive relationships..

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That's sweet! I have a

That's sweet! I have a handful of those kind of friends. Wonderful people! Love them forever. I always hear an accent when I read your work. It's cute. :)

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well i wanted to show my

well i wanted to show my friends that i do thank them for everything they have done. but its hard to tell them face to face so by me writing them this poem it show my thanks and love. we've been so close since middle school & we are all like family.  thank you for your comment