You and Me

I am what the world doesn't want to see

I am what no one wants to be

All I can do is just be me

In this world that I cannot see

I will always be here being me

And the world doesn't know

How their lies seem to flow

From here to there to everywhere

No one knows how not to accuse and compare

If they did then I could just be me

And then the whole world could see

That we are meant for each other

Just you and me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This again was one of my first works, but this is my all time favorite.

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poetvg's picture

beautiful piece

Nine Garris's picture

i am so sorry that i am crazy, i didnt ask to be, i wished none of this upon anyone else.

Nine Garris's picture

i never felt so much sorrow as when i knew i wasnt human anymore

Matt Selk's picture

I agree with half of this. And the part I agree with I agree with a lot.

ontheverge's picture

Nice... very nice. I'm likin your flow here. Keep writing, friend. You've got talent. :o)
- Lo Ruhamah