Ode To Her

Her ghost-white legs


Yet screaming their beauty at me

Her candy-sweet smile


Yet forcing blurry tears to my eyes

At the sight

That brings on the memory

Of so many beautiful moments

When I was a child cradled in her arms

And she in mine

Watching her peacefully asleep

As I slipped out the door

Feeling the velvet of her flesh

As it passed under my fingertips

Seeing my world shatter apart

When she said it was the end

Forcing blurry tears to my eyes

Eeach time I catch a glimmer

Her ghost-white legs

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...yet another, apologies to the rational.

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i wish i could understand what you are trying to communicate in your poems but i just can't. i also can't think of anyway to describe them. this one is just beautiful. your amazing, never stop writing.