Now That You're Gone

pain so deep
i’m going down with it
my heart is being torn in two
i can feel it tearing
when those scars will come to the surface
i hope they show.

all i remember are the good things
i think about your hazel eyes
and all i do is cry.
life is about passion
all about your heart’s desires
i was crazy about you
and now you’re gone.
things happen so fast
faster than you can say “i’m just not feeling this anymore.”
as if i’m just a song on the radio you wanted to change
and not the girl who spent two months with you
or someone you told you wanted to be exclusive.
why must all good things come at a price?

i felt love, a first-hand experience
although maybe it was never real for you.
now you tore yourself away from me
before i could say i love you
before i could say i really need you

i’m too vulnerable
i’ve never been so weak
feels like a hard punch in my stomach
but the feeling doesn’t fade away
day after day it’s still the same.
i’ll be fine without you
but not better off.

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In love with the idea of

In love with the idea of love, shadows of the night why do we still trust what we see in plain light? Because the shadows smooth the flaws and make for a lovely walk... A heart felt poem thanks for letting us in, hope you find peace. :)

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Wow i really like this one

Wow i really like this one too, i like your writing style

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haha i appreciate you appreciating my negative, depressing poems

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thats what some people need

thats what some people need in a time like this

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hopefully they'll start to me more postive though

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it's great to be positive

but it's equally as necessary to experience pain - we cannot feel true elation until we've felt crushing sadness

The key is acknowledge hardship but to not allow the pain to consume you - besides, after the reign must come blue skies, right?
Keep your chin up, things always find a way of working themselves out where you land on your feet, and keep writing - it's good for ya