My Angel

My Angel saved my life 

She relinquished all my strife 

The gangs, drugs, hoes galore 

It seemed like every week i was with some whore 

She saw the good in me and took a chance 

Saved my life made me take a different stance 

Helped me beat my internal battle helped me be myself 

Helped me not pursue lust, your love is my everlasting wealth 

Without you I would be in jail on drugs a father or dead 

You saved me from drowning in life's temptations, now I look straight ahead 

And i see you my Angel shining, giving me your arm helping me stay straight 

Helping be myself, the amazing person I am is because of you and it is great 

Together we are unstoppable, you saved me it's all because of you 

You are my Angel, and I love you with every ounce of my heart soul and mind, and that my Angel is true 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

68 days into eternity 

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