I transcend from your linage

and I excel your genes

Yet alongside you shared your sun

and the air that you breathed


Never anticipating that you would leave

forsaking me to remain

and emotionally bleed


Reality continues on without cease

Your memories are repeated

within my dreams


Wishing I could’ve understood your convictions

While Wishing for once

I could grasp your attention


Fruit of your tree and glorification

Traits that exceed

onto following generations


why would go and leave your soul

Yet you now abide

within wonders untold


Glory and love graced thee thy wings

While leaving in sorrow

this wretch in me


Though your greats and adversities remain real

Your abrupt departing

still remains surreal


Not heeding the warnings that you fed me

And although afraid,

I know u were ready


Cut short from the chance to prove to you

How much I cared

and was proud of you


I wish I was smarter with my time

I wish you knew how often

you crossed my mind


My sorrow restarts when each day renews

For I cannot deny

how much I loved you


Despite the mental steel wall that I built

Forever internally

I will live with that guilt


There is no doubt that you will always linger with me

because I transcend from your lineage

and excel your genes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Grandpa

R.I.P  2/20/44 - 12/26/18 *the unforgettable holiday*Frown


Grandpa Ultimately Is Legendarily Timeless 



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r special people. I learned boxing, baseball, and wrestling names and fames via mine. He was my grandmama's husband and we called him Unka Bud. I visit his grave withever I visit grandmama. - slc



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Yes very special indeed

Yes Gpas are very special, in my case i didnt really miss him like i do now untill he was gone. I took him for granted. I can only imagine how your loss may have been for you. At least your gma and Uncle bud are together in eternity and in your precious memories. As is mine, his memories are very raw to me because the reality that hes gone is still very raw. He was a great man will be very missed!

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oh yeah

i want to thank you for the time you take to read all my poetry along with all the others. As you know its a great feeling when someone appreciates your writing! Im so glad we are connected on this site, you are a very specia person indeed! take care <3<3