Wishing these feelings came at different time 
I promise I'm not being unkind 
like you I just want the truth
we say this
but our actions says that
most things are being said 
there either lies or unread 
its too many heart involved 
and the crew 
giving up won't solve a thing 
and I'm not the type to 
have casual flings
I want the real deal 
solid &true 
maybe it's going to be with you
but I've been rejected ,hurt and borrowed 
I know what it feels to have unwanted pain 
but were holding it inside 
keeping the truth tamed 
comparing this all to like a game

stuff should be said 
Tell me
And I'll tell you
No lies just the truth

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Truth is little bird in tree

looking at a garden hoping

for a worm meal soon.


Truth is invisible and wafts

across the skies of earth

and othrer worlds besides

to leave trails of smoke

that involves mirrors

and mouths.


Truth is life, no matter

how many lies are involved

or how long the contemplation

of what is the center at the core

of what is and what is not.