Mutual Feeling


I'm giving up slowly 
going back and forth without a clue

a part of me wish you had these mutual feelings too 
our friends state you say small things
but my heart doesn't dwell on it
When you're near my heart silently screams

to be on your team
it's a fact you don't want a relationship 
or maybe it's my age 
why don't you have these mutual feelings
Or can we be on the same page 
it eats me up in the inside 
that your emotions are well hidden

yes you've been hurt 
but so have I 
do you feel the same 
or am I alone on this mutual plane 
So say something

because I'm giving up on you

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eternitywhispers's picture

maybe your silence holds more

maybe your silence holds more than what i can see

and I'm trying so hard to believe

that maybe fate could make you mine, there's nothing i wouldn't do

i know in my heart..i'm not giving up on you.



first of all im sorry i had to give a poetic reply.. second.

.i love your poem!! it's amazing!



susiemayee's picture

Its okay . I love your replay

Its okay . I love your replay it was great. do you mind if i take a line out of it.

and thanks

Just Smile :D

eternitywhispers's picture

sure :)

sure :)