Im Fine !

They told you had cancer, an inoperable kind,

and a cure for your oesophagus they could not find.

You couldnt eat you couldnt drink.

The sickness, to much for even the bravest to bare.

The chemo, transfusions needles bruises and then you lost your hair.

Then as if it didnt matter they said you can go home.

The chemo didnt work.

You never seemed more alone.

No amount of cuddles or calls could take your pain away.

You gave it every bit of strengh and fought harder every day.

The exaustion, the wieght loss, the never ending pain.

The courage within you Ma I will never see the likes again.

Two weeks later you got a call a call radiotherapy to start the next day

You grasped the chance with all your might even though they did say,"Mrs Docherty this will not cure you but may help your symtoms'eas.

I wanted to scream when i saw the hope in her face will you leave my mother alone PLEASE.

We sat again appiontment time five minutes you were done.

Treatment six the horror again begun.

Again transfusions, sickness, needles,what more can anyone take.

Then you started hemereging, Catherine cried so hard, I prayed to God no more for goodness sake.

This continued for four weeks the clots they couldnt treat.

They gave you a stent,agian you were sent on your way.

They asked if you wanted to go to the Hospice or go home.

You wanted to be with my Da.

The weeks that passed no one could know that house,it sure did glow.

The amount of people that came and went the love for you was not show.

You see its because your a remarkable woman Ma and many crossed your path.

You were always real never fake and never lost your ability to laugh.

It was the hardest thing we ever done and a privilege to.

Please look after our Mammy God now we have given her to you.

Not a cross word passed your mouth.

Not a day you didnt smile.

Not a day on this earth you didnt make worthwhile.

And anyone who asked even in the darkest moments of your day. Would get the same reply.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My beautifull we ma passed away on the 4th of July 2008. I wrote most of this during her illness and have just completed it. What i didnt know at the time of writing was i was to lose My beautifull thoughtfull Strong faithfull we Daddy ten Days after my Mother died. He never left her side and I have never seen such care and devotion and dont think i will see the likes again in my life.
I am so proud to have had them as parents and miss them both terribly but feel they would have been miserable without one another. That thought is getting me through my grief,

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Hi Lisa
I'm sorry about your mum & dad. It's often the way with devoted couples that they both pass close together. My Grandparents fought tooth and nail all their married lives, but couldn't live without each other. I don't think they realised how devoted they really were!
I enjoyed reading your portfolio.

Keep your chin up and keep shining!

John R-B

P.S. I wrote this about my Grandparents death: