I met a new friend accross the ocean.

He inspired me with his writing potion.

Took the time to have a say

In the middle of his busy day.

Thank you friend for your heart

You inspired me from the start.

You'r an artist and myself a mere peasant.

You'r work should be in a book it is so present

The thoughts you have you say out loud.

You always manage to please the crowd.

I am sure God is with you in your quest.

As you mention much of happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you Tim for taking the time.

Shine on you crazy diamond. PF

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

WELL~ thank you very much,its about midnight so 1st thng in the morning this is going to make my day,you know i had a thought of writing of you,got hung up in the title,then some house noise put it on hold maybe ! thank you L&P TIM