Nice Day

It was a nice day today.

The kids came home from school they done their homework watching cartoons.

Ross so cute Alex so mature.

You got up gave me a kiss,

I was making the dinner, now isnt this bliss.

It was a nice day today.

Just to come home.

Just to know you are all here beside me.

My mum phoned to see how i was.

I'v been blessed.

Kids went out to play.

We watched TV then i added my poems to the pc

now i am in my bed writing this,

Wishing you were here beside me

so that i could give you a kiss.

You are working hard doing your nightshift.

So i will see you in the morning and i hope it will be another nice day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a nice relaxing day with my family

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Steve McKee's picture

You sound like you have a really nice life, which i'm quite jealous of. Great poem, I hope you have a nice day =]