Am I Worthy

Would i throw it all away just for you.

Would i jeaprodise my life to start a new.

Would i hurt so many people in the process.

Would i do all this just for one caress.

Could you promise me the moon and a star every night.

Could you wrap your arms around me and hold me tight.

Could we run far away and have a brand new start.

Could you promise me forever not to break my heart.

Am i just dreaming or is this for real.

Am i really here or is this surreal.

Am i the first to be promised all this.

To throw everything away for one little kiss.

If you were to ask me

could i

would i

am i worthy of true love.

I will leave it in the hands of god above.

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI,what a great line -don't know if it's real or sureal,who really knows lol,wonderful piece here

Martin Thoughts's picture

Hi Lisa,

You have captured your feelings excellently.

I felt the poem dwelt more on the risk of a new beginning than your worthiness in a relationship. Although the ending is uplifting due to the spirituality and faith you show in God.

I recommend you spell check your work. Some folks dont bother, but I think it detracts from a good poem.

Good luck!