By JFarrell


Hope lives,

And it is real,

And it can change your life,

Change your world.


“Okay, Mr Bigmouth, prove it.”

Look around;

Nature, trees, flowers,

The birds and the bees.

The lovely blue sky and sun

(if it’s sunny where you are)

Or the rain teeming down

(be thankful for that, some places get no rain)

The random kindness of a stranger,

Words of love from a friend.


Hope is all around you,

You just have to make that tiny bit of effort to see it.

I don’t know your woes,

Or the depth of the black hole you are in;

But, it is not going to knock on your door and say “Hi”

(unless you’re very lucky).

You have to try,

Have to look.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope is real