I'm stronger than ever

pushing and thriving

I can't give up

keep on driving


I have a tough exterior

strong and hard

but a weak interior

but I'll build it up


I have a facade

it is a smile

but there will be no more blood

on the tiles


I'm not weak

my sadness is gone

I've built myself up

this is the build




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I Just Read This Morning

That Colorado's suicide stats are escalating like never before in the history of the state. Psycosis is also on the rise. I wonder if those who spray bullets into crowds are frequent pot users. It will be interesting to find out how many suicides, or suicidal thoughts are brought on by over use of canabis. Life has given us so many deficits, lifetime depression is hard, and it is all about how the brain functions. It sounds like you are on the road to health and longevity. You are a winner! Congratulations! slc