Yes, it is true that you were sent from up above
I personally want to thank him for creating you.
For everyday that goes by, you'll never miss those words
I make it my business to say them to you
I cherish you, I love you, and all the other romantic words.
Sweetie, you were sent from up above and you're perfect in every way.
No other comes near to you and no other can surpass you
You were created perfectly and I see it this way
You are already more perfect to me than others can see
Your heart is better than gold and even a huge diamond rock;
It also happens to be most priceless one of all
You are always in my heart
As I carry you there protecting you from harm
I think of you
I dream of you
You are truly the one for me
I made a wish one day
It has come true
God I thank you for bringing her to me
You truly have sent me one from above
I promise to cherish and love her for as long as I love
Sweetie, I think of you so much
Whether, I'm driving in the night,
or waking up with the sun
Sweetie, I know you and me were meant to be
I love an angel and that is you.
I love you!

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Wonderfully sweet, and so

Wonderfully sweet, and so warm. :)

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Your wife is indeed a lucky

Your wife is indeed a lucky woman.

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a sweet poem
of a man who loves an angel
quiet and peaceful
i love it

all beauty your poems congrats


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write a hallmark card. this

write a hallmark card. this is more worth that than poetry, no offense but on this one while the love is there it is more like a story, less like a free flowing poem. your work is good though........

Lynn M Falk

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Such a beautiful

Such a beautiful lines..............

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I love this one baby It

I love this one baby heart It brought tears to my eyes when you read it to me... and some escaped beyond my control kiss Today was a very emotional day for me and you were right there for me... I love you so so so so much! heart