A Fallen Soldier

The Soldier gets a letter saying he has to go to war
His wife is 8 months pregnant
The Soldier has to leave for war
His wife is almost going into labor
The wife just had a daughter
The Soldier hasn't slept in days
His wife can't sleep cause of the baby
The Soldier after 3 months finally gets a phone call home
He finally hears his daughter cry
The Soldier is killed by a surprise bombing
His daughter says daddy for the first time
Now his wife is a widow
The daughter never met her father
He died for his country
They gave his wife a pin and flag
All they could say was I am sorry
The daughter never knew her father.

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Oh sugarbear

You spoke of "feeling" my last poem.... I can honestly say, I FELT this one. The chills ran from my feet to my thighs up to my crown and then it hung around my head swirling round and round. It continues now to swirl around my crown. 


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My greatest fear if you

My greatest fear if you reenlist sad I couldn't imagine living my life and raising our children without you. I love you baby heart