a soul torn

She is a soul torn
Torn from years
Years of tears

Tears like knives
But they cut deeper
Than any knife could

She got tired
Tired of being torn
So she built walls

No ordinary walls
Walls around her soul
Walls around her heart

These walls
Hold back hurt
Hold back pain

These walls
Hold back the most important
They hold back love

No man
Can bring these walls down
No man at all

Only the heart
That built the walls
Can bring them down

One day
That heart, that soul
Will heal

When that day comes
I just hope
I get to see it

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It's so true that iny she can

It's so true that iny she can take them down. But if someone tries forcing it then they jus get harder to take down and get through. Even temporary cracks in the wall make things harder.

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gee, this is so lovely!

very impotant message delivered with sensitivity and lovely tact. enjoys this thanks SS

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