Here Come Johnny Appleseed

Here comes Johnny Appleseed

Sits and talks about poems we read

After class, goes into the wild

With a sherpa hat and temper mild

Plants a tree, it will not grow

"Why it won't sprout, i think i know"

Frantically moves to open his fly

And waters the seeds, hopes they will comply

But found out by a local pig

The scene he cause was far too big

Students on campus point and laugh

At this man who's a part of Hofstra's staff

As campus safety hauled him away

He shouted in protest at the skies turned grey

But he escaped their grasp, into the town

Chased unsuccessfully by the men in brown

Returned at nightfall to plant more trees

But ambushed again, " Hey sicko, freeze!"

Off to jail they carted his ass

I was happy cause it cancelled my class

A burnt-out objector from another time

His apple trees still in the courtyard climb

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U Have Been Here 16 Years

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