Arse Poetica

Mombi's Heads

Let's take a stroll through the graveyard -


What a morose waste of time

Did you want more roses on your vine?

It's thorns that are in season

Guarded gardener, why so bitter?

Were you trying to seize upon some reason

Why you did what you did?



Like the portentous purpose

Of porpoise corpses 

Washed upon the shore

This is haunting and important

Cracked lid on Pandora's Box

Leaks that lurk like

Gnats in ears

Talks of fear, chats with mosquitos

Who already had their fill of egos


Perhaps I hoped to glean

Some meaning

From when mean and wistful

Whilst contracting contrition

(Amongst other mental conditions)

So let's trek through wrecks

Left by pecks on necks

Rejections fresh picked

When licked by the other sex

Into submission

There's the Hesperus, there's Celeste

Here lies boards torn from the rest


Mercurial mariner

Baron of barren pairings

Arm in ancient arm

With my albatrosses

My tossed atrocities

Bruised wings, acosted birds

Lured out to sea

To cast in marble

Immortalized their thighs

So one may marvel

At a paucity of purity

I've toured the museum amused

At me, at them, 

At how it ever got better

When every little slight 

Felt like I was whittled white


A scrimshaw see saw

The tempter with a temper

Tossed in seas tempestuous

Now looks like a peevish pest impetuous

There must be more than musings

Losing the lesson? Fine.


Don't worry about perfection

While stone stepping

Here's the progression:

Undress your mistakes

Address your mistakes

Take your dressed up misses on a date

Admit your defects, maturate

And make jokes about mates

Who no longer matter

All the while, their digs and woes

Are rigs and ropes to keep

Your sails full and mast straight

They made you seaworthy

So see worth in the journey

Too long equal to: not true

Stop straining to mean; but be

We've become a part of you

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It's The Style

"...They made you seaworthy/So see worth in the journey..." mesmerizing lilting lines - like the puns especially, the play, the fun and the depth inside the totalitiy, and the reach - the scope. Bravo! - slc



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When i first clicked on this post, i thought i was clicking on Allets poem above it. As I was reading, i was really loving what i was reading but thought it so Not like her style. That's when I scrolled down to see who's it really was, and continued on. Truly connected with this piece... 

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