Camera Obscura

Mombi's Heads

She gave me my

First writing ledger

But I was too scared

To let her in it

In a minute, I was hooked

Coy and mysterious

Miss Tenacious

Miss Mischief

Missed shifts in shadows

Played with the light

Lifted the mirror

So white was all I saw

We swam at night

Silhouette curved

Dark against the black

Will you let your summer

Go numb, go slack, forgotten?

You can not sequester seconds

Or diminish minutes

Time - you are rotten

Grounded; raucous Rapunzel

Punished in a rush

For cheshire cat runs under the moon

I spelled her name in rocks

Beneath her window

Dirt on my knees, doting fox

Later on, I lost the key

To her music box

American idle

I knew she would

Sing for me no longer

Pencil rewinding the cassette

To reset the tape recorder

The unraveling ribbon, upset

Numb, slack, mounting around my legs

Glum mummy amounts

To nothing -

Youthful pictures

Through a pleasant lens

Far from focused

Nostalgia is a sarcophogus 

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Cooling Lines

Glad u r here - slc