Tearing Down the Idol

Mombi's Heads

This was a bad idea

Left unchecked

It checked no boxes

Age, height, recreation

Don't shit and eat in the same location

But humor and heart

Played a part in avoiding

Yet another void and more poor ploys

Prior, I'd pursue 

Insecure cities to raid

With no security guards

At their gates

At least

My priorities were improving

I'm proving a point:

This was when I went 

From reading burdens as intriguing

Leaving ration under passion's blanket

Imbibing fatal flaws as quirks 

"Stable" stopped being labeled "bland"

We hosted dinners

Endured the winter

Even when we splintered

I had gone from 

A howling wolf to an astute owl

Girls had become women

And the universe was not a test

Or an abstruse cord to be untangled

Close my war chest of white horses

And I wish you all the best

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Awesome !  Seriously. Loved

Awesome !  Seriously. Loved it

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