Chicken Wings and Infidelity

Mombi's Heads

Woe to the woes!

Of the drowning rose!

Dearth of depth

The deft neglect of a character debt

Death! Horror! Woe!

Yeah, we get it

Next verse, please


With the fake messes we make

He's coming up the stairwell

Duck out the back

I've never been the type

To stare well, no blinking

Admitting all my sins while drinking

Hot wings, smeared sauce

Over a matter-of-fact account

Of love not lost

I thought you knew

Who? Him?

I became the other guy who became I

Vicious cycle

Of the psycho ambitious

Am I juggling too many?

Man, you go for the jugular

When you lose interest 

In another


After two year lapse

You labeled me a nightmare

Favor returned over bridges burned


You didn't look impressed

Woe! Sorrow! Sadness!

Good grief

You're not goth, you're just gloomy

Let the closet skeletons be your roomie


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