The Sum of Her Parts

Mombi's Heads

Picture this:

Warmth of wool

Her smile, a tool, could warn

Of a spoken salvo

Wonderful, her filthy mouth

Mocking opera singers in the kitchen

Fueled by bourbon and the written word on

Cue; who has such a marker?

Bluegrass Dorothy Parker

The report of her retorts

Could echo in wit-ernity

Lack of ego, ergo, I'd go

So far to say

Down to the minute

She was majestic with raisins in it.


But listen:

She clamored for me

So it all added up

To an '03 Camry


What is it about being wanted

That makes us break?

Are we haunted by our former failures?

Or too aloof to take

Her for a lure 

Worth being haunted by

At a later date?



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Dorthty Parker

Poet, playwright, novelist, screenplay writer, sardonic wit, american humorist, blacklisted for being a woman with a leftist opinion, gave her estate to MLK and later to NAACP. Her ashes remained unclaimed for 17 years and spent time in a file cabinet. Dorthy - called Dottie, a life lived! slc