When you're a child

They make you believe you just have to

Wish it hard enough

Want it bad enough

Will it into existence

And so you pray

And WISH, oh how hard!

Keep your eyes wide

And your optimism fresh

Make the world your teeny-tiny oyster

Then you work

Because wishing and wanting

Won't make it happen

But enough work, and toil

You say to yourself

And everyone agrees now

Mountains can be moved by a single man

Maybe now you pause in doubt

The obstacles were never this tough

When you were a child

If your eyes are too wide the sun hurts them

So you let them close and squint

Aching muscles beg for forgiveness

And you grant it

Now that you've stopped

And gander at your progression

Very little headway has been made

It all seemed so easy in your head

Everyone says 'good job', wondering when

You'll fail

Maybe now you take disgruntled satisfaction

That you've failed less than anyone before

Take one last look at the scratches you made

Knowing that, in time

Who knows how much

Your scratches will fade

Or maybe you never pause

And now there is no mountain

And the world will remember your

Not mountain

And your broken back can stand straight

Just like

When you're a child

And nothing can break you

If you only won't let it

And wish, and will, and want

Author's Notes/Comments: 

italian for 'Optimism'

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