I'm the creature who stalks in the night
The pale figure who stays out of the light
I'm the being who is not full of life
The one who can't be hurt by gun or knife

I'm a vampire who feeds on the living
Those with life, who are blood giving
I prey upon the bleeding heart
Living in a world apart

Inside this corpse there is no soul
I'm the walking dead, I can't be whole
No heart beats in my chest
And yet I'm not laid down to rest

I'm a vampire who knows not love
The monster frowned upon by heaven above
I'm merely an empty, hollow shell
Rejected at the gates of Hell

I'm the creature born of hate
When hope came, it was too late
A monster walking with empty eyes
A souless beast that never dies

When the sun brings the warmth of day
To a dark tomb I run to lay
And silently I sleep 'till night
When I feed in the world without light

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vamp lit

I love vampire literature - love writing it too - be well - A