In a world gone politically correct

Well, there i go

Pissing people off

Because I have used words

Which have been demonized

Even though the words

Have alternate meanings





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I have experienced a bit of

I have experienced a bit of this on some of my poems.  I know that a few folks do not approve of my poems about my curvaceous Muse because they are respectfully (not profanely) explicit, and because they do not conform to the slender/skinny/heroin chic still promoted by certain magazines and websites.   English-speaking/writing poets seem to be a little more prudish, or judgmental, than their counterparts in other countries, or in other ages (I think of the poems of Catullus and Propertius).


Don't let the haters discourage you from posting.  Catullus is still applauded and taught in classrooms, whereas those who criticized him are remembered, if at all, because of his poems, with their criticisms only an adjacent footnote.


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Thank you

Thank you for your encouraging comment. Sometimes I think I have foot in mouth dis-ease.

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Which Words?

Just curious - slc

Lady A

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Niggardly which means stingy.

This perfectly proper English word was in existence long before the derogatory term "nigger" was invented. You asked.

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There Is Nothing Wrong

or right about a word, but origins matter and where terms are derived are paramount. You can use Nigger if you want - just sneer at the pooh poohers and declare yourself what you are. Freer than they are. It is a process of reconditioning after years of belittling humans. It is fine, any word is. Now, using such words freely (for us it's white trash) means you don't get the promotin or accolades from your children and siblings, parents and friends. It's a process-change is.  If we, as a proud and noble peopleI were offended by words, we would still be in chains over here. Harriet Tubman, by the way, is soon to be on the $20.00 bill. Change takes time.


Lady A

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Took a little heat

The word used in the case of this poem meant delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment. Which is a truth in my case and was utilized to laugh at oneself while at the same time doing so publicly. 

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It's entirely possible that

It's entirely possible that we live in a society that may have the greatest negatively correlative ratio between self-assuredness and education that mankind has ever seen. Each generation seems intent on being more confident that we know all that is, while knowing little to nothing about all that was, despite unparelleled access to historical information, culture and language. It's fascinating, the opportunity we are blowing.