Footnote: Gender Dysphoria

Medical science

seeks to heal all distresses,

why do we deny---

judge---hate---persecute . . . harm . . .

those who suffer this distress?





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Certain conservative members of my faith may condemn this tanka and its content; I refer them to Christ's own prohibition against judgement.  If a human being suffers from any other disorder within medical science's ability to heal, is that healing withheld?  Why, then, would we deny compassionate accomodation to gender dysphoria?

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the bible says that God is

the bible says that God is appuled at this

the church turns it`s back on gay`s because they don`t understand

i know that gays are born that way

i don`t know the details but satan changed some dna long ago

the church says you choose to be gay which is b/s

some people are born with birth defects,did they choose this

some born alcholics,did they choose this

i do not condem gays,but i don`t like their life styles

you can pray to be delivered,most don`t get delivered

and if you do,your voice pitch doesen`t change,nor your body actions

it is a battle and a struggle

ron parrish

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Thank you for your words.

Thank you for your words.


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Hits close to home

This poem is thought provoking and sincere and it touches on what my young cousin is going through. She was born a girl but is going through issues of gender and sexual identity, moving between wanting to simply be a gay girl to identifying as a boy. It's a constant struggle. It doesn't help when so-called people of faith scare the hell out of her with the condemnations. She's already a fragile person emotionally, and the threats and judgements of "devout" religious people are driving her into depression and suicidal feelings.

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Good to hear from you. 

Good to hear from you.  Thanks for the comment.  Perhaps you might remind your cousin that Jesus---not His followers in this day and age, but Jesus Himself---said "Come unto me all who labor and are heaby burdened and I will give you rest."  All who are heavy burdened are welcome, not just some.  I read recently that the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution that because gender is determined by chromosomal structure, it cannot be altered.  Well, inherited cancers are determined by chromosomal structures; as are birth defects and all manner of other.  We would not hesitate to sympathize with, and attempt to help, a young person crippled with, say, a birth defect.  How then can we deny adequate, and hopefully successful, treatment to one, like your cousin, who suffers from this other burdern as well?  To me it is more unChristian to refuse the benefit of treatment than to accept that not everyone is born to be who we outsiders think they should be.