Grasshopper's involuntary mnemonics

I miss you.
You creep across my mind 
in the most intricate ways,
reminders haphazardly
meandering through my day,
impossible to ignore.
My warm caramel coffee 
conjures the warmth of your tan embrace,
the glistening stars across the skies 
replay the laughter in your eyes.
Rising musky morning dew
reminds me of you and the scent of 
your sex drifting in the air
calling to my resistance 
to finally wear.
As the warm breeze rolls by,
it tingles my skin
but nothing compared 
to what I can recall
when your feathery touch 
reached to the core my soul.
The wanton abandon of rushing wind 
sweeps and swoops over everything you once desired;
now thoughts spring tiny effervescent bubbles 
bursting of lust inside,
spreading like a flush of warmth
once oh so vehemently denied.
Resistance so futile now,
I swear you could plunder my depths 
without an ounce of regret,
impossible to forget; 
like on the love seat in the park 
where you uttered 
those three incredible phonics,
but I could not say it 
and it cuts me like a knife
because I had my chance
and i regretfully denied it.
Now everyday,
my thoughts stray 
in the most unexpected ways;
i fear those unuttered heart phonics 
have induced
a hopeless case of

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dearest, Dearest thanks the Master Beaves for his inspiration and the amazing ability to see through poetry the soul of a piece. 


Edited by Beavis. 

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Moonshadow's picture

Involuntary Mnemonics! Hah!

Involuntary Mnemonics! Hah!  love the concept and the title! 

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow

Beavis's picture

Dearest Ssmoothie!

Dearest Ssmoothie! The beauty comes entirely from your soul and creativity! I am a day laborer. You are the architect, the stonemason, the glassblower, the carpenter, the master. I simply hammered a nail exactly where you indicated. Once again, the generosity of your spirit shows just how beautiful you truely are! ;-)

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Love Denied

There is so much blood on my cut em loose blade it is almost homicidal, so many sent packing. No regets, just whetting my edge, double sided Bowie, Ramboesque sharp. Ahhhh, the memories ~A~