Through New Eyes

The wealth I had
came from the pleasure
in your eyes

Now bankrupt
These piles of glittered gems
Won't ever sparkle like them.


Truth has its ways

And in an instant

the colour of my world

left with the light


Now your eyes ever Vacant,

Cold as the dullest steel

They won't see me like they used to 

You Won't hear the echoes
Of my calling,

or the dire pain of my deep remorse


You left this place
When I allowed myself to fall
And break your heart

my beautiful a'mour


Now, I sit like a beggar and a thief

Stripped of any value or respect
With new eyes peering at me.

Mine as empty as regret
vacant as the day
you saw me risk your heart.


I sit here again and again
With this pile of glittered gems
Falling through my palms;
They don't sparkle like your eyes.

Nothing compared to
the riches I was used to.
If only I could choose again
With these new eyes.

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